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A roof is definitely more important than just giving an aesthetically appealing look for your building; it is the protecting coverage that works as a barrier to protect you from environmental conditions. Rain, snow, wind, extreme heat, or hail, the roof is exposed to at least one of these every day. This results in the degradation and deterioration of the ceiling over time.

If you are confronting the same situation, then you need to decide how to address it. The possibilities are re-roofing or replacement. We shall discuss both. Whether due to age or continual exposure, a body or machine will deteriorate after a limited period. Before the case becomes worst, let us find out how USA Metal Roof Contractors of Lake Worth can help you.

Climate impacts

Direct sun exposure is the main reason for discoloration and nasty looks, causing the continuous deterioration of roofs. So, depending on the climate, preferable roofing materials are employed in specific areas (as per wet, dry, or hot).

Snow or wind load: heavy snowfall and storms have a direct impact on roofs.

Thermal-shock: Rain cooling effect following the sun’s baking; it severely shrinks the roof surface. This sudden change of temperature leads to cracks and strain on the shelter system.

Reroofing or replacement?

Now to which is the best option? Are you confused with both? Let us examine one by one.


If your roof has begun to complain, then it’s time to get a new one. Reroofing can simply help you, as it is an inexpensive and quicker operation compared to others. Reroofing is the process of defining the second layer of a set of new shingles over the previous one. Also known as retrofitting.

When is it recommended?

To be clear, go for reroofing only when your roof’s lifespan is about to over. Reroofing can be done once, as fitting one layer over the other becomes difficult for the next time, especially when discoloration of the roof occurs. In this case, let us analyze the two types:

Flat roofs

The roofs with a slope lesser than 10%. Such types of roofs are economically satisfactory, but leakage problems may exist. The top’s looks don’t matter in this case as they are hardly visible, and you can go with simply maintaining with primed or coatings.

Pitched roofs:

The roofs that are visible when you approach a building. Simply, the roof with a slope. The appealing essence of top matters as it adds values to your property, whether meant to sell or in general. In this case, retrofitting is helpful if the coating isn’t working. The other parameters are weight and shape, which should be calculated before you carry on. You can simply leave this to our professionals. Don’t try to push yourself in the chore, as it is risky for your life and the entire roof.


As the name defines, it involves the replacement of the entire roof with a new one, beginning from scratch. The process includes tearing off the whole surface and replacing it with a fresh roof or shingles. The number of layers(existing) does not matter in this case. However, it is expensive than retrofitting as it demands more labor. Its because one needs to uproot the existing roof before placing the new one

The benefits of reroofing are:

  • Face-lifting of the building: Adding another layer to the roof, provides strength and full proof coverage from the rainwater. Enhance the curbside appeal of your house.
  • The simpler and short-term process: As the first layer’s removal isn’t mandated, the steps succeed to half. So, it’s clearly quicker and demands limited labor input.
  • Inexpensive: limited labor, faster, and one step shorter. Undoubtedly, an inexpensive process far mess-free than a complete overhaul.

But be cautious, as if it is poorly done, it can cause either damage more. So, it is always recommended to hire professionals. And if you are in Lake Worth, you don’t need to search around.  USA Metal Roof Contractors of Lake Worth are always there to deliver the best available. Reroofing isn’t the right choice for every roof. If so? Then what about yours? The answer is: call our experts to determine.

It will be an unwise investment if a layer is just wrapped over the extremely shattered roof. As it would be a temporary cover-up, it can be more dangerous than before. Having expert advice can defend you from such situations. Mostly, all around the U.S., the metal roofs over industries are aging and have expiring service lifespan. Cost-effectively, the replacement of roofs proves to be a better option for commercial roofs.

Metal over metal retrofit can bring it back to the required code. Considering wind and snow loads, we cover the new code submission as well. The professionals are meant for every responsibility; you just have to contact on due time of expiring roof. We inspect the suitability before installation. According to IEBC, an extension of the roof is allowed up to 3 pounds per foot. So just putting a high load on the structure, will not improve the purlins. It requires a continual examination: including the pressure, the current condition of the roof, load capacity, exposed fastener limitation, etc.

Metal over metal retrofits improves the energy efficiency of your ceiling. As retrofit allows the spacing, the ventilation is possible, decreasing the roof’s heat gain. This insulation is always beneficial to increase the thermal resistance value R. Fortunately; there is no need to bring the roof to the existing energy code. So overall metal retrofit is an effective choice for an aging metal roof. It’s not only a pocket-friendly solution but delivers faster construction within nominal labor. Any kind of metal panel for reroofing can be imposed virtually over any type of current metal panel. It provides abundant opportunity for an architect in the respective design. ‘USA Metal Roof Contractors of Lake Worth’ will inspect every corner and direction to deliver accuracy. Our professionals are highly experienced and credible and know how to deal with metal roofs. So call now.

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