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Choosing the best Roof is one of the most important decisions during the construction of a place. Many people never pay attention to the roof and focus more on interior designs and paints. The roof is the part of the building that will provide you the safety and protection from harsh climatic conditions.

Metal roofs are gaining popularity these days because of the variety of styles and designs they offer. They are supremely protective and long-lasting. USA Metal Roofing Contractors of Lake Worth presents various metal roofing solutions and services here in Lake Worth. Tapered panels metal roofing is one of them. Such roofing systems work perfectly in areas with a poor drainage system.

What is a tapered panel metal roof?

A tapered panel metal roof is a roofing system where the roof’s slope is created by using the material used for insulating the roof. This allows water to drain off from the roof. Poor drainage on a commercial roof can cause much more damage as compared to wind or other expected or unexpected natural calamities. Normally the builders and contractors underestimate the value of a tapered roof.  And they end up constructing a roof of a low life span.

Positive roofing is necessary for good roof sustainability. Ponded water, as well as freshwater- thaw, can severely damage the metal roof. It can cause premature roof failure, which is not covered in the warranty or in the insurance policy. It can lead to heavy expenditure. To avoid paying the unnecessary price, you must install a positively sloped roof. A positively sloped roof reduces the stress on the building structural integrity. The roofs are generally sloped for ½ inch every 12 inches for drainage. For a retrofit roof, it is considered 1/8 inch per foot for drainage.

Tapered panel metal roofs are equally suited for new as well as a replacement construction. In new construction, the building roofs are constructed with slopes for efficient drainage. There is a variation in the height of the roofing support columns. The final roof deck has low and high points so that there is easy drainage through the roof. Most of the commercial buildings have low sloped roofs. A general issue faced by the majority of the industrial roofs (approx 40 %) is related to water intrusion. A tapered panel metal roof’s basic goal is to eliminate standing water on a roof on a membrane. The roof slope does not provide enough drainage.

Considering the designs of a tapered panel metal roof

The proper design construction is directly related to the performance of the tapered panel metal roof. Polyisocyanurate is the best material to be used for providing insulation. It is rigid-form insulation. Many of the commercial buildings are using this material. Polyisocyanurate is compatible with different membranes of a roofing system. It goes well and provides a higher R-value and acts as an additive advantage to the system.

The standard size for the manufacture of a tapered panel is 4′ by 4′ with an approximate thickness of ½ at the low edge. USA Metal Roof Constructors Of Lake Worth provide the customers with exclusive services in tapered panel metal roofs with an affordable price range. International building code says that ¼” per foot slope is required for tapered slope. A variation in this, such as 1/8″ or ½” standard or for special roofs 1/16″ or 3/8″, can be considered. It depends on the demand for field conditions and building parameters.  During the initial phase design, other roof components, such as curbs, edges, through-wall flashings, the height of the parapet wall, must also be taken into account.

What are the different types of tapered panel metal roofs?

Many layout options help in removing unwanted water from your roof.

Two-way tapered roofing is a rectangular system with two long sides sloping to the drain. A dead level surface is when the insulation starts with a low point in a drain line. The slope goes from a lower point to a higher point, which can be either a roof perimeter or a point between two drain lines. The crickets are installed when the primary slope is created.

Three-way slope – this works effectively for small buildings that are attached to the larger structures because it slopes to the point that lies on the side of the drained area. Instead of forming a valley as in two way slope, their water is forced into a smaller area, probably a roof drain.

Four-way slope- it is the most effective layout for a perfect drainage system. The insulation is sloped to a single area that is being drained. A high roof center is created with the help of inverted roofs where water is brought down to the edge of the roof. A secondary application of tapered metal roofs is the application of crickets. They are installed to divert water from rooftop curbs, valleys to drains. They are diamond or triangular.

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